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R22 Replace

Time to act.

The Facts

Technology moves on and it’s true, “they don’t make them like they used to”. Look at your old air conditioning unit, it may appear well built but if it runs on R22 refrigerant not only does it contain ozone depleting refrigerants it also operates on average 40% less efficiently than a new system.

The replacement of R22 refrigerants is the biggest change ever to affect the UK air conditioning industry. The new R22 refrigerants now banned, only reclaimed R22 can be used and this is only permitted until the end of 2014, as part of government legislation.

That’s why we’ve been at the cutting edge of change and innovation, working closely with leading manufacturers and suppliers to develop solutions, assist phase-out plans and reduce risks to companies.

Research has uncovered an alternative refrigerant to R22. This option costs only 10-15% of the sum of a full system replacement.


Time To Act

With over 50% of the UK’s energy usage occurring within our buildings and homes the government decided that air conditioning systems had to be more energy efficient.

R22 Replace is all about planning ahead. We’ve been planning for the changes since 2006, working with leading manufacturers. These partnerships have been key to understanding the issues and looking at the practicalities of the options on the market.

As we approach 2015, the lack of available reclaimed R22 stock, combined with the anticipated lack of skilled, registered operatives is likely to lead to a bottleneck in the system. All the evidence suggests there will be a rush by organisations to meet their legal obligations in the run up to the final deadline. Companies that leave this planning to the last minute will face problems. At R22 Replace we can help you overcome this issue, through careful planning, which can involve a budgeting plan to ensure that there is an affordable and practical schedule that works for you.

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